The Ion Smart and Resilient Cities Accelerator
The Ion Smart and Resilient Cities Accelerator and Prototyping Lab support selected startups as they develop and deploy technology that connects ideas, people, and communities in Houston. Backed by the Mayor's Office, the City of Houston, Microsoft, Intel, and TX/RX, Houston's non-profit makerspace, the Accelerator launched its first cohort in September 2019 and second cohort in April 2020. Startups in Cohort 1 focus on transportation, mobility, and resiliency solutions. Startups in Cohort 2 focus on air quality, water purification, and clean-tech solutions. Cohort 2's themes complement the City of Houston's Resilient Houston Strategy and Climate Action Plan, further aligning with civic efforts to address the needs of Houston's citizens.


Startups in Cohort 2 are: 

Startups in the first Cohort are:
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